What happens to AWS Lambda functions when Node.js runtimes are annouced End of Support by AWS.

AWS proactively advises customers when they identify your AWS account has one or more Lambda functions using a version of runtime which is being made end of support/end of life. As VoiceFoundry is advised at the same time as our customers using the application, we automatically raise a request to our development team to commence reviews of existing published code to ensure that any depricating version of runtime has been upgraded. Once VoiceFoundry publishes a new release via the Serverless Application Repository, customers are required to Update the CloudFormation stack which was used to deploy the add-on services which use Lambda functions. Instructions for this are published by AWS here https://docs.aws.amazon.com/serverlessrepo/latest/devguide/serverlessrepo-how-to-consume-new-version.html

What happens if there are multiple user profiles that match the caller's CLI?

In the event there are multiple recognised users with the same phone number, the user which has the number as a direct line is selected and the other users are ignored.

Are Amazon Connect contact details added to every call?

Yes, Amazon Connect contact details are added to a ticket at the beginning of every call.

How are additional Connect attributes handled?

Additional attributes that are either updated or cerated during a call will be attached to the ticket at the end of the call.

The agent must still be on the call when an attribute is either updated or created for it to get attached to a ticket.

What happens if I refresh my browser during a call?

While your browser refreshes you will temporarily lose connection with the caller. Speech analysis (if enabled) will be lost.

What happens if a call ends before I create a ticket?

A new ticket will be created with call details and any other configured attributes attached to it.

What happens if the default country dialling prefix in the app’s settings is set to one country code (e.g. +1), but the phone number in a user’s profile includes another country code (e.g.+61)?

In this scenario the country code set in the default country dialling prefix app setting will be ignored.