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Known Issues



I have changed my Amazon Connect domain name as outlined by AWS and now I cannot access call recordings from before this date

Call Recording URLs were contructed using the Amazon Connect URL. As these were written to the ticket, after this change, users would have to change the URL when trying to open the link.

Please change the domain name section of the URL that opens and try.

Change to:


We are unable to reprocess call recordings that had already been saved in ZD tickets.

AWS Issued notification - July 2023.

"Some of your agents using the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel (CCP) may be impacted by an upcoming change to the Google Chrome browser. Google will begin deploying a change to introduce storage partitioning [1] to the Chrome browser on July 25, 2023 to 1% of users. Agents that have this Chrome change applied and that use the CCP in multiple distinct applications (such as embedded in two different CRMs) may experience error messages, failures to mute, or hear incorrect ringtones. Calls will still be connected to agents as expected. If you have developed a custom integration using the streams.js library to embed the CCP into your own application, you may also see spurious error events in this situation. We are working on a change to the Connect CCP and streams.js library to properly handle these events."

We are currently waiting for the latest Streams .js to be released by AWS so we can upgrade the Application. Whilst we do not know all the issues that can be caused by Google’s change, we are suggesting that customers turn off Auto Update to their browsers to try limit any impact.

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