VoiceFoundry has developed the below templated Contact Flows to assist customers in setting up their environments.
There is a Lex Bot at the bottom for use with a more advanced solution to gather customer attributes through chat if you do not have the functionality within your Website Code to gather the customer attributes needed to find the customer profile.

Amazon Connect Voice

Basic voice call flow to serve incoming phone calls does the following:

  • Starts voice recording, turns on logging and sets the called number custom attribute.

  • It then prompts the user to press 1 if they are calling about an existing issue and have the case support number ready (or press 0 or hold the line if not)

  • If the caller inputs the case number then the corresponding customer attribute is set which will be used by Connect app for Zendesk to bring up the corresponding ticket for the agent.


Amazon Connect Chat (Basic Chat)

This is a basic contact flow to be used as a template for chat conversations. It does the following:

  • First it sets the chat disconnect flow which allows customer to resume the same chat session within 15 minutes after the agent has terminated the chat.

  • Then it sets the chat queue and checks the hours of operation - if chat is initiated outside of these hours then an information about the operating hours is displayed to the customer and chat closes.

  • It also checks the queue availability and if at capacity it will advise the customer to try again a bit later, otherwise it places the incoming chat in the queue where the next available agent will pick it up from.

  • If there‚Äôs an error at anytime during the flow, the relevant error message will be displayed to the customer and the chat will close.


Amazon Connect Chat (Advanced Chat with Lex)

Based on the Basic Chat above, this version adds a Lex bot that attempts to identify the customer. Note - for this to work you need to import the bot below in the Lex console first and then update the reference to it in the relevant block of this contact flow.
This flow incorporates all the elements of the Basic Chat and in addition does the following:

  • Checks the three custom attributes containing email, phone number or name, if any was submitted during chat initialisation from the client - client apps can supply this information with a bit of custom code in the chat widget JavaScript snippet.

  • If none of the values are present then the Lex bot prompts the user to supply any of those. Lex detects which type of information was submitted and the flow then sets the appropriate custom attribute which is ultimately used by Connect app for Zendesk to bring up (pop) the corresponding customer.

  • Lex bot then also asks customer if the conversation will be about an existing or a new issue and in case of existing one obtains the case number where possible. This (if supplied) then enables Connect app for Zendesk to bring up the corresponding ticket for the agent.


Amazon Lex Bot for Customer Identification