Why is the screenpop not working and I see a 403 error in the browser developer logs.

Zendesk requires users to have the Talk Partner Edition licence to use this application. This is included in the Zendesk Suite licence version however for other licence versions this is an additional licence which is required to be added to your Zendesk tenant.

Reach out to Zendesk to confirm if you have this licence if you are unsure.

Why isn’t the Connect softphone loading in Zendesk?

If you have multiple installations of the Amazon Connect app, the URL advised in the softphone loading screen may be wrong. Check that that the URL is correct.

We suggest only running one version of the app, unless you have different apps for different roles/groups and are using the permission settings within the app.

Why isn’t the microphone working?

Ensure you have enabled pop ups and the use of your microphone in your browser for Zendesk.

Why isn’t my speech analysis working?

Ensure your AWS administrator has deployed the Contact Lens add on. You must also ensure that you are using the Redacted Setting within the Call Recording contact flow block as we only support redacted transcriptions for contact lens.

Why is the customer receiving two calls when I make an outbound call?

Make sure you turn off Zendesk Talk for agents otherwise an outbound call will be made from Connect and Talk.

Why is the app not working properly when I update the app’s settings?

If you encounter this issue try refreshing your browser after updating the app’s settings. If you continue to have issues, please raise a support ticket with our team. Instructions are in the support tab of this help centre.

Why are some callers not being recognised by the app?

A caller will only be recognised if their user profile in Zendesk has their role set as end user. For example, if someone calls up and their user profile is set to Administrator or Team leader, the app will not pop the caller’s user profile.

Why am I unable to accept a call or make an outbound call when media-less mode is enabled?

Chances are you have not signed in to the CCP in a seperate tab on your browser before logging into Zendesk. Clear your browser cache for Zendesk, sign out of Zendesk, sign in to the CCP in a seperate tab on your browser (ensure the CCP is open and not just the Connect console), then sign in to Zendesk.

App is not loading in ZD (just shows the loading screen in the CCP). No screen pop of Connect login page. Both URLs have been correctly whitelisted

  • Check whether popups have been allowed on their browser

  • Ensure the URL for their Amazon Connect instance is entered in the following format https://[your-instance-name].awsapps.com