The below features are being worked on as part of our v2.4 release with AWS and Zendesk.

Pre-release: Target 12-Jul-2023
GA release via Zendesk Marketplace - Target 28-Jul-23

The features design and delivery are subject to change at Zendesk discretion.

Enable Dual Ringer in the CCP UI

Develop the user interface, to give agents the ability to select a secondary audio output device, such as local PC speakers, which will ring simultaneously with their primary configured device (i.e headset)

Enable Task routing withing the application

Add support for Amazon Connect tasks which would be routed via the Zendesk AppSync connector, where a customer has configured Amazon Connect tasks with Zendesk to route Zendesk Support tickets to the agents. This feature requires Client to configure application integration for Zendesk with Amazon Connect for task creation.

 Enable Amazon Connect VoiceID within the CCP UI

Add support for VoiceID, by creating templates and user guides for customers to configure the VoiceID functionality.

 Enable the outbound CLI value being passed correctly

Add functionality to store the Outbound CLI value that was used within an outbound interaction, to be written into the Zendesk Ticket.

Installation of debug logging for customer-initiated support

Add support for logging to capture logs if a customer reports an issue and enables collection. Before this functionality can be enabled, PII masking to the code base will be added for customers to define custom data fields. 

Check for Partner Edition license

Add more graceful way for customers to be advised if they do not have Talk Partner Edition licensing enabled within their Zendesk tenant and to provide customers a better experience of how to resolve the issue by direction to contact their Zendesk Account Manager.

Display Queue name whilst call is ringing

Add functionality to the call connection event, to show the queue name to the agent before they accept the call.

Enable support for Multi-Party calls

Add functionality to enable support for multi-party calls. Enabling agents to add up to 6 total participants to a call through either quick connects or the number pad.

Enable support for Enhanced Monitoring

Add functionality so supervisors can either silently monitor agent calls, or barge-in to a call with the agent to assist with the call.

Enable Cross-channel concurrency routing

Add functionality to support the cross channel routing functionality, enabling customers to configure routing profiles so agents can handle new contacts while already handling another, from another channel.