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Add On Features

Important Note

We have recently migrated the SAR applications for the Add-On Features to a new AWS Account requiring us to republished them. This was due to an internal AWS environment alignment project.

Due to this, the new applications within the Serverless Application Repository no longer show the high number of installs that these have had.

We ask that customers closely read the below guide when upgrading to the new SAR Application.

Important SAR Upgrade Steps

To update an application that you previously deployed, use the same procedure as deploying a new application, and provide the same application name that you originally deployed it with. In particular, the AWS Serverless Application Repository prepends serverlessrepo- to your application name. However, to deploy a new version of your application, you provide the original application name without serverlessrepo- prepended.

For example, if you deployed an application with the name MyApplication, the stack name would be serverlessrepo-MyApplication. To update that application, you would provide the name MyApplication again—do not specify the full stack name of serverlessrepo-MyApplication.

For all other application settings, you can either keep the values the same as the previous deployment, or provide new values.


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