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Multi-tab handling

This enhancement addresses a number of issues that may arise when handling a call while having the Zendesk Support app open in multiple tabs/windows simultaneously.

Previously, each instance of the Zendesk app would have its own embedded CCP (softphone), unaware of potential other instances, thus duplicating the processing logic. This would lead to unpredictable and often messy results, from duplicated tickets, users and ticket comments.

With this upgrade only the instance (window/tab) that first received (or initiated) the call will be processing it. All others will ignore any further events related to that call.


  • If the call processing tab is refreshed (reloaded) it will seamlessly continue to process the call. If another, non call processing tab is refreshed that won’t affect the call processing.

  • If the call processing tab is duplicated it’s treated as a new tab and the call will continue to be processed in the original one.

  • It’s important not to close the call processing tab or its window. If this happens, try to reopen it (eg. CTRL+SHIFT+T / CTRL+SHIFT+N in Chrome)

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