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Release 2.2.1

This release is a hot fix for an issue where tickets were not generated during certain incoming calls.

The issue was due to the new feature for reload and multi tab support. With multiple tabs we need to select one that will be processing the call, to prevent creation of duplicate tickets for the same call. The implementation was to pick the one that's in focus when the call comes in, which in hindsight was wrong as agents may be on another browser tab or a different window altogether at the time the call comes in.

Now the tab that first gets the event is designated as the processing tab. If the instance sees that another tab is already processing the call it will not continue itself.

Note that if the session finishes abruptly without agent properly closing out the contact and then the agent closes the browser tab/window there will be an "orphan" processing tab ID left in the cache. This will again prevent tickets from being created. Agent needs to clear the cache in that case. We've been working on solution for this scenario and will release it in the next version - v2.2.2.

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