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Release 2.2.2

What's fixed

This patch update should resolve the last remaining issues some of our customers were recently facing around tickets not being created, while at the same time providing better agent experience while working with multiple tabs.

The app now works in such a way that whichever Zendesk tab the agent accepts a call from (or makes an outbound call from) will be the tab that processes the ticket. It is in this tab that the agent will be presented with any relevant notifications and the Create Ticket and Attach to Current buttons (if ticket_assignment attribute is set to agent) within the softphone. Any other Zendesk tab that is open will not display these notifications / buttons, so it is important for the agent to remain in the Zendesk tab that they accepted or made an outbound call from for the duration of that call.

Each time an agent's status is set to Available, we will also clear the "orphan" window ID from their cache. Previously, the "orphan" ID remaining in the cache would also lead to agents no longer being able to process any more tickets when start with a new Zendesk tab / window.

What's improved

If an agent opens the Zendesk tab/window while in a non-routable status (eg. After Call Work), the CCP will pop open, to alert them and allow them to change to Available status.

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