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Release 2.2.3

What was fixed

  • Creating duplicate user records when a user has multiple numbers.
    This was due to the way Zendesk updates a user record when a new phone number is added. The latest added number will be stored in the phone field of the user record and the shared_phone_number may be set to true, if another user already has that number as the direct line. Zendesk user search will still return the record but as the shared attribute is turned on it will be filtered out by the app.
    To fix this we combined the user search with Zendesk user identities crosscheck, to retrieve a proper user.

  • Creating tickets with the subject "Incoming call from undefined" or sometimes not creating a ticket at all, which could happen due to an unhandled exception when applying custom contact attributes.

What has improved

We’ve added support for desk phones. When a call is accepted via a desk phone the onAccepted event is not raised hence the processing tab doesn't get elected and no contact processing takes place, resulting in Zendesk tickets not being created. This problem is now fixed by checking the existence of the processing tab at onConnected event and creating the tab on the fly if required.

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