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Upgrading from deprecated versions of the Amazon Connect App for Zendesk

Over time the Zendesk Application has evolved in the method in which it is deployed. Follow the below steps to migrate to the latest version if you are using one of the below versions.

  1. Find out what version of the app you currently have

    1. V0.9 - built by AWS

    2. V1.0-1.1 - built by VoiceFoundry (includes speech analysis and a CloudFormation stack)

  2. If you are currently using V0.9 of the app which was originally created by AWS, delete this version via the method in which you installed it.

  3. If you currently have V1.0-1.1, delete the CloudFormation stack which was deployed during the original installation, and S3 buckets created by the stack. [Warning: Deleting your CloudFormation stack will delete all transcripts from speech analysis stored in the S3 bucket - Save copies of these in another S3 bucket before deleting if you wish to retain them.]
    Install the latest official GA release of the app from the Zendesk Marketplace into your Zendesk instance. If you are currently using a private release of the application, please contact us via our support portal to have a private release published to you or migrate to our public GA release.

  4. Configure the app’s settings. See the install guide on how to configure the app’s settings.

  5. Whitelist URLs in your Connect instance. See the install guide on how to whitelist URLs.

  6. If using real-time speech analysis, deploy the add-on for real-time speech analysis.

  7. Set up contact attributes in your contact flows to set the behavior of the app. For example, set the attribute ticket_assignment in your contact flow to manual to stop a new ticket from being automatically generated for each call. See the install guide for a full list of attributes, and a list of default settings for the app.

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