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Release 2.1 (Aug 2020)

Based on feedback from customers we decided to restructure the connector into several layers of sophistication.

  • Basic install (phase 1) will include out-of-the-box features for single sign-on, automatic/manual ticket creation, user & ticket pop, outbound dialing, and call details attachment to tickets, including call recording. It will be a simple install from the marketplace and won’t require any server-side setup, apart from domain whitelisting in Connect and the optional configuration of SSO.

  • The extensibility layer will add a lambda function to provision server-side connectivity with Zendesk Support API and will come with a couple of sample Connect flows, an IVR one and a Lex one. This will require running a simple cloud formation stack. (phase 2)

  • DEPRECATED The speech analysis layer will add all necessary infrastructure for live transcribe and comprehend (as per current functionality) and will require running additional cloud formation stack. (phase 2)

In phase 1 we will keep the existing process of installing speech analysis and extensibility layer in one package. This will be then split into separate modules in phase 2 where clients will be able to separately install and use each module.

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